David Johns with Taylor Mims

Beau Noir 

/bo/ /nwɑr/

Beautiful Black

Our Mission

To help African Americans Authors develop and publish uplifting and aspirational books for the African American Community


Our Vision

Founded in 2017, Beau Noir Publishing was established to develop and promote media that represents and inspires African American Youth. 

David Johns, Former Executive Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, with Taylor the inspiration for Monique Curry's In My Eyes 

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CEO and Publisher

Monique Curry-Mims, MBA, MSEd

Monique has over 15 years of business and publishing experience.  As a Penn State MBA graduate who holds a BS in Design from Philadelphia University and an MSEd from Walden University, Monique has an innovative approach to developing educational and literary products that inspire and represent children of color.

After the success of her first book, "In My Eyes" in 2014, Monique's follow up book,"Daddy, Who Am I?," was released with the launch of Beau Noir Publishing. Created to help authors of color bring their visions to an inspirational reality, Monique's goal is to uplift youth of color through books and media that represent them in a positive and aspirational way.