Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions


Do you only publish children's books?

Yes! At this time Beau Noir only focuses on children and young adult books. Our books focus on readers ages 0 - 18.

How much do you charge?

For Traditional publishing, we pay for all upfront development and production costs. For Co-publishing, fee vary based on development and production costs. Costs are determined by the amount of services and time we need to dedicate to your product. As a Co-publishing contract, authors cover 80% of costs and we cover 20%.

I wrote a children's book and have illustrations, what happens next?

We will review your manuscript and illustrations and provide editing and design feedback before we begin. We have often seen illustrations that are not of print quaility, at least 300 DPI. We might suggest that you go back to your illustrator to get a better quality, and if that is not possible we will request that our illustrators, or one that you hire provide you with print quality images.

I have an idea for a book, can you help me publish it?

Congrats! We need more stories from authors of color for youth of color. Our house, does not provide ghost writing services. Authors must provide a final draft of a manuscript for us to review and move forward with. We may offer suggestions that will change and further your draft to a final copy, but we need your idea fleshed out before we can begin.

Store and Sales

Do you sell books by other authors, that you do not publish?

Yes, we work with Author's of color to sell and promote your book. Through our store and at events we will help you expand your reach and sales.

Shipping and Returns

Our books and products are designed to inspire, and are a work of labor and love. With this in mind, all sales are final. Please be sure you are placing the right book, shirt size and product in your cart.

Do you promote authors you haven't published?

Yes, we promote other authors through The LIST, we also sell ebook versions on, as well as printed versions on consignment through our site and vending events.